Give money to the Library

Your gift of money is always welcome at the Library. We have various programs to suit your giving needs. A gift to the library is a nice way to commemorate a person, a birthday or other special event. 

Our Library will accept gifts of money, real estate, stocks, if conditions attached thereto are acceptable to the board of trustees. We accept money in the form of personal checks, money orders, bank drafts and cash. 

Please send any donations, memorials, ect. to General N.B. Baker Library at 315 Ash Street, P.O. Box 370 Sutherland, IA 51558. You may also bring it in to the library in person. If giving a donation or memorial, in memory of someone, please include a note to let us know who it is in memory of, and if you have a special purchase in mind. 

Donations to the library are tax deductible. Receipts for tax purposes, will be issued at the donor's request, by the Library Director. 

As a non-taxable, non-profit organization, we accept these gifts and donations and use them to improve the Library.