"The General N.B. Baker Library exists for the purpose of enriching the lives of residents of the community and surrounding areas by providing equal access to resources and services for quality information, lifelong education and for entertainment".


  • Equality: Accessibility, respect and fairness
  • Diversity: Valuing induvual needs, experiences and differences
  • Intellectual Freedom: Protecting intellectual freedom and respecting individuals' rights to privacy and choice
  • Innovation: Encourging creativity, experimentation and the generation of ideas
  • Service Orientation: Providing excellent, responsive services


As the General N.B. Baker Library fulfills its mission with these values, our vision is that Patrons will receive efficient, effective, and friendly assistance from the Library staff. 

Residents will discover Library experiences that anticipate and satisfy their learning and leisure needs. 

Community members will experience convenient access to Library services in a welcoming environment where they can explore their interest.